…old paper comics… the genesis of my reading habit…

Those WERE the ‘GUID AULD DAYS’, as Seumas might say 👍😎

Seumas Gallacher

…there are many modern innovations, I s’pose, for which the WURLD can be thankful, such as mobile telephones, iPads, Smartphones and the whole range of electronic communication devices which seem to have become transplanted parts of our anatomy… I see children in push carts playing with cartoon images on tiny screens… teenagers in clusters, each oblivious to the other, noses pronged into their wifi-laden machines… older, allegedly more mature people, congregated around dinner tables, constantly flicking the ‘light-up’ switch, every five minutes, while lending pretence to communal conversation… and I think back to when we, of a certain age, were children… none of these ‘insta-plug-me-into-the rest-of my-virtual-planet’ gizmos existed back then… we played games in the street… exercised all day (although we didn’t call it that) until darkness beckoned us home for supper… no need for text messages to bring us back…

…and we had comics… in the UK…

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