BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Scary Anthology UPDATE: The Box Under The Bed

For those of you who pre-order right now, you get a special bonus story from Dan that will not be available after the pre-order date!

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

dan your humble host

Ah, we’re finally back down to one blog post per day. I can relax a little bit.


You guys know better.

While you’ve been reading profile posts about our Word Weaver Writing Contest winners,

a small group of us have been meeting secretly and discussing ways to take over the world and enslave you all!!



I mean, the contributing authors inthe scary anthology, The Box Under The Bed, have been discussing stuff.That’s what I meant. Just, you know – forget all that take over the world nonsense. Ha. Really.

WHAT have we been discussing? Glad you asked.

We have now have the cover finalized, but you knew that.

The Box Under The Bed front FONT hightower w fabric 2 v TWO

We have the authors and their stories finalized. But you knew that

Table of Contents

Prologue, The Box Under The Bed part one

  1. Passion – Jenifer Ruff
  2. The Clearer – Allison Maruska
  3. The…

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