Not All Keyboards Are Equal!

Looking for a more pleasant writing experience?

Maybe Michael has the answer 😎


I am in the middle of an edit just now. I do not need distractions. I do not need disturbances. No, I need time to sit and concentrate on the flow of this story.

But I’ve just received something. The nice man from the delivery service came and handed me a heavy parcel. Not a toy, an essential part of my working environment: this is my first time typing on my new, Filco Tenkeyless keyboard, and I have to say, it is glorious. The keys feel just like those I used to adore on the old keyboards of the early 1980s: there is a slight click as the key is depressed, and the feel is light and easy on the fingers. Just like the IBM Displaywrite keys which were, I believe, buckling spring keys. Never heard of them? Why should you? We’re into keyboard geekdom here.

This is a distraction

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