Monster Make 2017: Foundations Needed (Also, a Windemere Monster Poll)

Charles has a poll of 23 monsters and needs people to vote on the three they’d like him to write about, plus any names of magical items/relics they’d like to propose – call over to his original blog post to vote and/or comment 😎

Legends of Windemere

Young Frankenstein Lab

Well, people wanted it, so Monster Maker is going to be returning in October.  I’m thinking having it every Wednesday and using Monday to come up with something that promotes Path of the Traitors.  Friday will connect to the poll below.

Anyway, this is an October event that involves me getting strange, unreal words and turn them into monsters or magical items/relics.  You can see some examples HERE.  I might spread it to more than once a week if I get a lot of volunteers.  The guidelines are simple:

  1. Give no more than 3 words.
  2. Use nonexistent words instead of things that actually exist.
  3. Have fun with it.

Thankfully, I’ve done this enough to get the kinks out of the system.  So, I won’t get 12 lists with 10 words each or a bunch of animals that already exist.  I mean, a gorilla is a…

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