The Thing That Bugs Me Most About Summer.

Joanne sums up (some of) the joys(?) Summer 😄

Some Words That Say What I Think

I’m always secretly quite happy when summer comes to an end.

My dad is a redhead and although I did not inherit this trait, somewhere deep down inside of me there is a recessive ginger gene that protests whenever I venture out into the sun.

There also tends to be quite a lot of bugs around in summer and I don’t like bugs very much.

I understand that bugs are an important part of our ecosystems and that all life is beautiful and sacred and I am happy to appreciate their integral role in the circle of life… as long as they don’t come anywhere near me.

3_LI (2)

I am aware that bugs have a vital role in natural processes such as decomposition but when a bug is buzzing around my head the only thing breaking down my ability to tolerate its existence.

The number of bugs present is proportional to temperature.

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2 thoughts on “The Thing That Bugs Me Most About Summer.

  1. I don’t really mind bugs that much – growing up in the countryside, I learned early on not to be bothered by them. But recently our neighbor started a bee hive, and he bought super aggressive bees! Those are really awful, they come right up to you and sting you for no reason!!

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