And occasionally, something new?

Tallis Steelyard has granted you (Yes, YOU) the honour of helping him get the word out about his new, upcoming masterpiece 😃
Go to the original blog post and leave your acceptance (plus email address if necessary) in the comments under it 😎

Tallis Steelyard

Tallis Steelyard and the Monster of Bell-Wether Gardens
Never let it be said that Tallis Steelyard is one of those ‘artists’ who sits sighing in his garret, bewailing his fate and wondering why his literary endeavours appear to be shunned by the multitudes.

No, as becomes the leading poet of his generation, the wilful whims of fate will be set firmly aside. Let others moan and weep, let them waste their time in sorrowful ululation.

A new work is to be published. Literature is to be advanced, envelopes are to be pushed, silos will be broken down and paradigms will be shifted. At last, after seemingly endless preparations, publication of, ‘Tallis Steelyard. The Monster of Bell-Wether Gardens and other stories’, is imminent.

Tallis, being something of a traditionalist at heart, has decided that he will launch this new book with a blog tour. Already numerous anecdotes have been jotted down; tales are being prepared even as I write.

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