Lift-Bridges and the rotten non-pair-bonded hominid #England #offgrid #narrowboat

Canal Capers – Continued…

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company, England.

Lomo Photo Effect Tool: STOP! In the name of love, before you break my heart…

What a dashed inconvenience we are to society, we solo animals.

Lift-bridges, eh?

Lomo Photo Effect Tool: Scale and solidity.

Simples. Hove up, a member of the crew runs off the boat and across the bridge, winds it up out of the way and then one of whomsoever is left aboard takes the boat through, the aforementioned running crew-member then winds the bridge back down, scoots across, back aboard and everyone’s on their way again.

Well yes and no, the “no” being not if you are captain, cook, chief sail-maker, carpenter and ship’s cat dog on your own boat.

Lomo Photo Effect Tool: Canal fools to the left of frame, jokers to the right…

It’s generally – on the basis of the whole five of these that I have so far gone through solo – not that serious a problem though. Not now that hugely expensive changes…

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2 thoughts on “Lift-Bridges and the rotten non-pair-bonded hominid #England #offgrid #narrowboat

  1. Hi Chris, many thanks for reblogging. Of course, if I were any sort of self-respecting ape rather than a mere hairless hominid then I could just swing myself across the canal and have no problems… You know what? I’m going to give it a try at the next bridge… I’ll let you know what happens. Fingers crossed. 😉

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