Stunning Photos…

My thanks to J & G for sending these:

Ladybug in the morning dew!

Cloud: What An Incredible Picture!!

Rain – view from an airplane

One in a million!

The “Tsunami of Clouds”!

A magical place in Austria – Grer See

A rare and wonderful atmospheric phenomenon

“Fire Rainbow”

This optical effect in the atmosphere

is only manifested with the appearance

of a horizontal rainbow

localized on a background of light

where high cirrus clouds are located

Waterfall Rainbow was created by the

refraction of light in water droplets.

Morskoi sand under a microscope

with a 300-fold increase.

Rhodochrosite – Beautiful Shii mineral,

also known as “The Rose of the Inca”.

The view from the height of 8000 meters.

Splash – from a stone thrown into the water

in front of a sunset.

In rare cases, you can see a completely circular rainbow

(known as a 360) from the plane.

The crystal clear ice of Baikal.



47 thoughts on “Stunning Photos…

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    We must remember all the beauty that LIFE & this EARTH have to offer! 😉 ❤
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  2. Beautiful so amazing the wonders of the world,some people wouldn’t even give things so beautiful in nature a second look.It’s the best gift of all such stunning photos.x🐾🐾🐾😻💕

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