Book Promotion: Do This, Not That – August 2017…

By Amy Collins  on The Book Designer site:

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I was speaking with Spencer Michaels, author of the popular Twin Flames Trilogy. His latest book, IF, has just been released and he has been promoting it to libraries and stores all over Virginia and North Carolina as well as nationally.

What He Did

Spencer shared with me that he recently sent a mass email out to dozens of libraries in Virginia telling them about his book. It was a well written email. It should have gotten him quite a few hits and orders.

What Happened

He used MailChimp, which allows him to see the “opens” and “clicks” on his emails. He used a good list, pulled from a reputable source, but the number of people who opened the pretty, well-written, email was only 2%. 2% of the librarians even bothered to open it.

What He Should Have Done


4 thoughts on “Book Promotion: Do This, Not That – August 2017…

  1. I suppose this happens with all insitutional entities.
    The publisher I work with is specialised in university books and we also work with schools and libreries. I see that a mass email seldom works. We’ve been warned several times not to rely on that since libraries and schools receive hundreds of such mails everyday. They seldom take notice.
    If that’s the way we want to go, the best think to do is get in contact personally, like this author eventually did. There’s no garantee it will lend you a presentation, but your chances are a lot higher.

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