Literary Names (and the seductive qualities of research) Writing article number 7 from the archives


name tagsThis post is really about the dangers of being seduced by research. It all started with a tiny snippet of irrelevant information on twitter telling me that a popular girl’s name was invented by Shakespeare. Hmm, I thought I wonder how many other names have been created by writers…and several hours later this is the result.
I’m not pretending it is definitive list. Or a useful one. Or that it will add to your general well being but hey, I had to do something with it and who would have thought that boring old Elizabethan Edmund Spenser would top the poll.

Invented by Edmund Spenser for his poem The Faerie Queen

The elf princess in Tolkein’s The Lord of the Rings

Invented by Margaret Mitchell. Carreen was the younger sister of Scarlet in Gone with the Wind.

A prince in two of C.S…

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