NEWSFLASH from author, Kevin Cooper 😃


I am offering new services folks!

I will edit any genre be it a novel, novella or even a collection of poetry and/or short stories.

My qualifications are M.Ed with English as a subject area. I have lectured English at the college level as well as other subjects. I’ve also been a reading mentor with children’s books and adolescent literature. I’ve authored several works which include memoirs, YA fantasy, fictional short stories, and poetry, and am well acquainted with the self-publishing procedures.

Depending on each individual manuscript and one’s needs, my editing can include:

  •  punctuation, compound words and hyphenation, possessive nouns, use of apostrophes, capitalisation, correcting inconsistent tenses, and spelling
  • identifying repetition
  • suggesting alternatives to overuse of passive verbs and gerunds/participles
  • highlighting clichés
  • comments on dialogue and structure, and highlighting areas of strengths and weaknesses
  • suggested rewrites of individual sections of prose

The style of a work is completely up to the author.

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6 thoughts on “EDITING SERVICES

  1. Welcome to this challenging but highly satisfying field. As no stranger to writing yourself, you are entering it with eyes fully open as to how complex it can become to help an author achieve his or her potential.

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