Writerly Things…8/27/17

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Where Genres Collide


Writerly Things…8/27/17

Traci Kenworth

I started using OneStopforWriter’s website. They have various tools with which to build your characters, settings, and plot. I’ve picked out three positive and three negative traits for my main characters. Some things have occurred to me as I did so that helped flesh them out. I will continue to work on the characters till I get them where I want them, then move on to the setting. After I get the world building as intricate as I want it, I will bring the minor characters into the fold.

I like to know my world a bit better before fleshing out the remaining characters so I can see how they’d react to it. Some authors might do things differently, beginning with the setting and then peopling it but I like to start with my main characters first. OneStop has various templates you can download if you…

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