Reflections: The Illustrated Version

Heads up – New Release from Kevin Cooper can be pre-ordered now for delivery on 1st September 👍😃


My name is Patricia. I’m not a writer/author or anything like that, but I do love a good read. I especially love poetry and illustrations. This is why I’m so excited to be here on Book Talk to tell you about Kev’s latest publication: Reflections: The Illustrated Version.

Kev’s newly revised and edited publication of poetry will soon be available, and Kev’s really good friend, Sharmishtha Basu, to whom he is extremely grateful, has drawn some spectacular illustrations to go along with each poem and song. She even created a book cover for him… Check it out!

Reflections: The Illustrated Version, is full of beautiful pictures, poetry, and verse about love, relationships, dreams, places, and musings on the mysteries of life. See the example below:

I dreamed of you

Last night

From nights

So long ago


Laid there

In my arms

Last night

Our love

Was very sure


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