A mouse in the rat race #England #narrowboat #offgrid

Carry On Canal(ing) Time 😃

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company, England.

Lomo Photo Effect Tool: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/lomo nb Cardinal Wolsey, snoozing after his labours on my behalf

It is difficult to believe but I think that I have moored on a very hum-drum, ho-hum, wholly humble stretch of the Llangollen Canal. If I didn’t know better (and I don’t) then I’d say that this is a stretch built merely with the intention of joining together two other parts of the canal. Oh, it has its tight turns and blind bridges and there’s a spot of scenery to either side, but somehow it lacks the je ne sais wotsit of most of the rest of the Llangollen.

I knew that something was up the moment I left the moorings at Ellesmere. For one thing, everything about leaving went smoothly. My chains weren’t jammed in the armco, the wind wasn’t trying to blow the Cardinal out to the Hebrides while I untied our ropes, and six assorted hire-boats…

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