Bloggers Bash 2018 – The Committee & Date…

Summer recess is over, we’ve tanned our legs, drunk all the sangria, completed hops over various ponds, and now we’re back in the organizing seat ready to kick start the Bloggers Bash 2018.


Over the next few weeks, there will be a number of posts and announcements on the blogger’s bash. But first let me tell you about a date change (I know. Don’t kill me, but we had to change the date of the bash).

The Bloggers Bash 2018 will be on Saturday 19th May.

And now, I want to introduce you to the new committee… 

For anyone that doesn’t know, The Bloggers Bash is a social event for bloggers organized by a lovely committee which I’ll tell you all about in a moment.

The purpose of the bash is to bring together the blogging community and provide an opportunity for everyone to meet the friends they have made online.

The bash had the same committee for its first three years. But due to the growing popularity of the bash, we decided we needed to grow the committee too.

One of our original members, Ali Isaac decided to step down because she donned her scholars cap and is attending (and absolutely smashing) university, studying all things Irish history and mythology.

As founder, and on behalf of the other two original minions, Geoff and Hugh, I’d like to personally thank Ali for everything she did for us, we are indebted and will miss you dearly but we wish you all the luck with your studies.

The new committee for 2018


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