Book Promo – New Release – ‘The Bodies by the Beltway’


Good news for Roger and Suzanne fans!  The detective couple returns in a new novella, “The Bodies By the Beltway”. 
Set in the Maryland suburbs north of Washington, D.C., this story combines mystery with science. 
Roger and Suzanne witness a murder while they are waiting in line at a gas station to fill their tank.
Roger is eventually pulled into the case when the widow of the victim hires him. 
He gets caught up investigating a series of murders in several of the suburban communities. 
A contemporary sniper seems to be recreating the historical Beltway sniper attacks of 2002 in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. 
At least that’s the FBI’s theory. 
Roger’s one-man investigation takes him into a complex world of defense contractors, intelligence agencies, and the military in his search for answers to whodunit and why? 
This fast-paced romp brings our detective duo to a new locale, but murder is seldom far away from wherever Roger and Suzanne go.


USA  –  UK  –  CA  –  AUS  –  IN



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