Writing Workshop…Top Tips

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Here is the second in my writing workshop series. Last week was all about the opening; this week’s it’s the ending’s turn:

Top Tips…

For A Tremendous Short Story Ending

You’re almost at the end of your cleverly crafted story, but how do you bring it to a satisfying climax? Here are some tips to ensure you leave your readers feeling as if they’ve had a compelling and entertaining read:

  • Don’t rush your ending. Some writers can see the end in sight and grab it – too soon e.g. in a romance story, you have gradually built up the will they/won’t they scenario. Your readers are right there with the characters, willing them to get together only for you to gallop towards the ending:

Zoe couldn’t bear to be without Sam. She dashed to the airport, took him in her arms and confessed her undying love. Two months later they…

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