No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links

Links to 10 more great articles, thanks to Wendy 😃

No Wasted Ink

Welcome back to another Monday of writer’s links. This time, I have several great articles that help your writing research and on character development in addition to the usual general writing tips. I am trying to stick with fantasy and science fiction themes, but the tips work for any genre you choose to write. Relax and enjoy!

A Basic Guide to Getting Permissions + Sample Permissions Letter


Iconic Cover Art


How to Write with a Co-author

One Neat Trick to Get Your Name on an SFF Award

Matching Horses to Use, Climate, and Characters in Fiction

5 Tips for Writing a Likable “Righteous” Character

Wonder Woman vs. Atomic Blonde–What Truly Makes a Powerful Female Character?

One Simple Technique to Improve Your Writing in 10 Minutes a Day

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4 thoughts on “No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links

  1. Great article Jane, thanks Wendy and Chris for sharing.
    I’d just like to give my experience – when seeking permissions (2011) for my book all were readily given, however in a couple of instances I needed to rewrite without the quoted sections though I offered acknowledgements to the authors which was accepted (as a thank you because researching large quantities of their work helped in providing background for sections of my book). Why didn’t I quote even though I had the author/publisher’s permission? By quoting my book would not have been permitted for sale in various countries (something to do with the publication’s copyright); I would not have been able to publish in electronic form if I used word from another author (again that publication’s copyright restrictions). Hope this info helps.

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