Celebrating Book Lovers Day

University of Glasgow Library

Today, August 9th, is Book Lovers Day – an opportunity to indulge in everything we love about books and a good read…

Here in Archives & Special Collections we are, obviously, very partial to a book and we are lucky enough to have many, many thousands to choose from.  For this year’s celebration we have decided to share the work of two of our students who were on placement from their History of Art course earlier this year.

Elina and Annika worked on the collection of chapbooks we hold as part of the archive of the Lumsden family.  The Lumsden family business was stationery and publishing and the archive contains 36 examples of children’s literature published by James Lumsden and Son in the early nineteenth century.  Full descriptions of these titles can be found through our Chapbooks catalogue: select University of Glasgow Archive Services in the Repository drop…

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One thought on “Celebrating Book Lovers Day

  1. Important to remember Book Lover’s Day! I read all day and did nothing else! I was justified in doing so, at least that is what I told everyone! Can’t we have two Book Lover’s Days or make a week of Book Lover’s Days? Just kidding or maybe not! Thank Chris for remembering this important day! K D 🙂

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