Why You Should Market to Grow Your Author Platform–Not to Sell Books…

By Matt Aird  on The Book Designer Site:

Today, marketing specialist Matt Aird discusses a question that bedevils lots of authors when they begin their publishing journey. Are they marketing to sell their books, or to build their brand and platform? Here’s his report.

As authors, we’re responsible for spending our advertising dollars and marketing time in the most efficient ways possible. We don’t have five- or six-figure advertising budgets, or a team of people working around the clock. We need to get maximum impact from every single dollar and minute we invest.

What most authors might not consider however, is that there are two ways we can advertise.

We can advertise to sell books now. Or, we can market to build an Author Platform.

We’ll look at the differences between these two approaches in a moment, but first let me clarify what I mean by “Author Platform.”

Every author has a platform. A platform is made up of the email subscribers and the social media followers that fit your ideal reader profile or put simply, the people that you can interact with that love to read what you write.

Now the size and the engagement level of this platform has a massive impact on the success of any author. That’s because these platforms give us a foundation from which we can communicate and build meaningful relationships.

So when we advertise we have two options, optimize our advertising campaigns and marketing activities to sell books now, or we can optimize our advertising campaigns to bring readers into our platform.

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Matt’s Report


7 thoughts on “Why You Should Market to Grow Your Author Platform–Not to Sell Books…

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