Take a trip to the 15th Century next weekend

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The Loxwood Joust in West Sussex is billed as a Festival of Mediaeval Mayhem, but I know from my visit last Sunday that it is an extremely well-organised celebration of the 1450s with jousts and jesters, battle re-enactments and contemporary music (well, contemporary 500 years ago) filling the air.  And it is all happening again next weekend on August 12 and 13. It’s a hugely entertaining event that caters for every age range and taste.

Loxwood music The Mediaeval Babes

loxwood witches potionThere is a lot of fun in a horrible-history-way with witches boiling grusome potions and torturers encouraging the crowd to guess which joint of the rack victim will crack first. (The victim is very clearly a not-very-lifelike manikin so the grusome factor is kept at a safe level for young children.)

I knew we were in for something special when I got out of the car (free car parking by the way)…

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