Authors and Marketing Fatigue…

By Judith Briles  on The Book Designer site:

An email from an author arrived on my desk Monday morning … an email that echoed countless emails, phone calls and in-person chats with authors. My emailer didn’t want to put any moneys into marketing his book.

Now, this was my first contact from him. I didn’t know if he had already spent a boatload of moneys or hadn’t spent a dime. What I did hear was that he was ready to pull the marketing plug … and let his book go down the drain. I called him and what I heard is what I’ve heard more times from authors: I hate marketing … I just want to write. And he told he that he was working on his next book. In fact, he shared that he hired an editor to convert his first book—the only book—the one that he didn’t want to market—into a women friendly version.

Hmmm … he has the money to pay a content editor to transform his book into another version; yet he doesn’t want to invest in his first book to create sales. Does any of this sound familiar? Could you be an unfit book parent?

Let’s face it. If you want book sales, you need to market.

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Book marketing takes work. Lots of it.


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