11 Twisted Facts About ‘The Far Side…

by Mark Mancini on Mental Floss site:

For 15 years, “The Far Side” added a dash of irreverence to the funny pages.

Offbeat, macabre, and sometimes controversial, Gary Larson’s trailblazing cartoon was a gigantic success that ran in nearly 2000 newspapers at the height of its popularity.

It also gave an entire generation of humorists a renewed appreciation for cow jokes.

Here are 11 things you should know about this highly-evolved comic strip.

Find out more at:

About ‘The Far Side


18 thoughts on “11 Twisted Facts About ‘The Far Side…

  1. I am a fan. But what really strikes me is that we are on the same wave length re humor. Even more surprising is that several of my cartoons had the same punch line but drawn a bit differently ! I had never seen these cartoons by him except by chance long after I drew mine.

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  2. What a wonderful article about my favorite cartoonist of all time! I devoured every word, and learned a lot of new stuff! 😀 Long live Cow Tools! 😉 Thanks, Chris! This one is definitely a keeper.

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