Self Publishing Is Not Just Amazon KDP And Kindle…

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Self-publishing is more than Amazon and Kindle

With the well-known dominance of Amazon and Kindle in the ebook market, and particularly in its almost ever present social media mentions, there is a natural assumption that this is a worldwide phenomenon and that ergo, ebooks and self-publishing must equal Kindle. However, in my judgement, this is simply not true.

The popularity of the Kindle as a reading device is predominantly in the United States. Where I live in Europe, and I have heard the same from some of my UK friends, the Kindle is an infrequently seen device. Amongst my friends and family, both in Switzerland and Australia, not a single person I know owns a Kindle. While waiting in airports in Europe, I have hardly ever seen anyone reading with a Kindle.

On the occasions I have shown my Kindle to my French speaking friends, they usually have the same reaction. Total disinterest. Their reasons are quite logical though. Firstly, there is still a preference for books in Europe, so ebooks are struggling for acceptance. Secondly though is that they think the Kindle, in any of its forms, looks and feels cheap and it doesn’t do much.

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10 thoughts on “Self Publishing Is Not Just Amazon KDP And Kindle…

  1. The Kindle App can be uploaded anywhere, including a tablet, so that is not in itself a problem. Although no ebook store is present everywhere, and there are other places like Streetlib and PublishDrive that distribute to e-book stores in other countries not reached by Amazon or Apple. Thanks, Chris.

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  2. Kindle is so convenient! You realise only if you have one. I loved to turn pages of real books, I was biased till I was gifted a Kindle and an Amazon card! The way Amazon is taking over its rivals, it seems they have high plans.

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  3. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    The Story Reading Ape with a link to an interesting article on the eBook reading habits of Europeans.. particulary non-English speaking where Kindle is not the reader of choice but a tablet is.. Formatting for all mobile devices does add in extra work but being on Smashwords Premium also places your books on some other seriously important bookseller’ sites.

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