Reading for All

Please make all your books Text to Speech enabled 😀


Being blind and unable to read print, I find the Amazon Kindle’s text to speech facility a huge boon. For anyone who is unaware of the text to speech facility, when activated, it reads aloud books where the author/publisher has enabled speech. While the reading voice is robotic, it has improved over the years and (in my experience) once the reader becomes lost in a good book, it is easy to forget that a dalek is doing the reading!

The majority of books in the Amazon Kindle store have text to speech enabled. Of those which do not, most (perhaps all) are available as audible downloads from However, Audible titles are, on the whole more expensive than their Kindle counterparts, which means that someone who is unable to read print must (if the text to speech facility is not enabled on the Kindle version) spend more to obtain the…

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11 thoughts on “Reading for All

  1. Thanks Kevin for your article I checked my book but the closest I could get for text to speech facility is installed the Accessibility plugin. So if a person has a Kindle app then they can free update Kindle for PC (or Mac; Android etc) with Accessibility Plugin This installs Text to Speech under Tools when a book is opened on Kindle. Likewise for a pdf go to: View, Read out aloud, Activate. and the book or even pdf document will be read aloud.
    Thanks Chris for sharing Kevin’s article. I have shared via and

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  2. Chris, I told Kevin this is enabled on all of my books, but I don’t recall seeing it as an option when I published. Do you know if this is an option or automatic? I’ve searched but can’t seem to find an answer ♥

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