Setting fire to Wales, it is, one embankment at a time #steam #railway #llangollen

A trip in Wales gets Ian all steamed up 👍😄

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company, England.

One of the rewards at the end of the Llangollen Canal, if rewards there need be, is the Llangollen Steam Railway. Trains that run on boiled water! Well, if truth be told they run on tracks, but it’s the over-excited H2uh-oh that moves them along. Tap water usually, not Perrier. Perrier gives the engine the burps.

Lomo Photo Effect Tool: 80072 at Llangollen

Ten miles of delicious eccentricity runs from Llangollen town to Corwen, and it runs past several sheep, a bit of the River Dee and a spot of countryside. To web from the quotesite:

Llangollen Railway is the only standard gauge heritage railway in North Wales. We are located beside the historic Dee Bridge (built in 1345) in the centre of Llangollen town. The journey is a relaxing 10 miles travelling through the stunning Dee Valley to the lovely town of Corwen the cross roads of North Wales. …

So there’s lovely…

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6 thoughts on “Setting fire to Wales, it is, one embankment at a time #steam #railway #llangollen

  1. Many thanks for the re-blog, Chris – tis much appreciated. Here on the canal today it is abit dull, grey, and very rainy! I am seriously wondering about moving on a few miles into another weather-zone!

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