#Flashback Friday | Spaghettification ~ Jemima Pett

Spaghettification started out as an independent short story in February 2015, and then became the key to the second book in the Viridian System series.  That’s Curved Space to Corsair – I’ve just started the main edit.

It’s my offering for Flashback Friday this month, since there’s just one weekend of Camp Nano left, and I’ve officially ‘won’ as I completed the edit of The Perihelix last weekend.  

Now to move that out to my beta readers for a new view.

Meanwhile, enjoy Spaghettification – yes, it is a real word.  

This is the first edit version from the book, not the shorter original from this blog.

It’s 1500 words, and you can see why I have trouble deciding on POV when I’m editing.

Read the story at:



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