The Friends and Allies of Ichabod Brooks

Legends of Windemere

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In each story of The Life & Times of Ichabod Brooks, he has a friend, ally, or partner of some kind.  Well, almost each story because I can think of one or two that don’t really have a friend.  Traveling companion might work for one and another is a surprise for those that haven’t read the collection yet.  Actually, there’s a really short one that he’s solo on, so I’ve officially ruined my opening line.  Anyway, I wanted to highlight a few of them and maybe explain the relationship/partnership.

Dex Guzbern

This Dwarven mountaineer is one of my favorites because he just flowed out of my fingers as I wrote Ichabod Brooks & the Starwind Egg.  I wasn’t sure how he would come out, but he had this interesting combination of friendliness and gruffness.  He developed the same sarcasm as Ichabod, which quickly established them…

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