Pontcysyllte & Chirk aqueducts tunnels narrows bunfights and fun #narrowboat #England

Ian documents his invasion of Wales (and back again)

Warning for those of a nervous disposition – his post includes SIX ACTION VIDEOS 😱

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company, England.

Loins were girded, caps were set, hatches were battened, gun-ports opened, charts consulted and sails set.

Cardinal Wolsey is, by all accounts, a little too deep in the draught for the last few miles of canal to Llangollen itself, but most of the fun stuff may be experienced anyway by steaming to Trevor and winding there. Two experience-savouring days, nine miles return trip, no locks, two tunnels, two aqueducts, some lobe-thrashing narrows with some very silly mooring on display, and a farcical manoeuvre thanks be to the cretinously-daft siting of a hire-boat company’s base – ending, naturally, with the Cardinal moored outside a pub and me wrapping myself around a pint of ale.

1P1100414 nb Cardinal Wolsey 508533 crossing the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct July 2017

It was quite a couple of days. Where to begin? Well, we shall begin at the beginning, sort of, and work through to the end. Here’s…

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One thought on “Pontcysyllte & Chirk aqueducts tunnels narrows bunfights and fun #narrowboat #England

  1. Thank you indeed, sir, much appreciated. The Cardinal and I are now wending our very slow way back towards familiarity on the English side of the border, and we hope that Wales wasn’t too upset… 😉

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