Best Bookstores in Rio De Janeiro

Megan is still wandering the world – bookstore by bookstore 😃

See all 5 on her original blog post 😎

Capital Nerd

1280px-Flag_of_Brazil.svg.pngNothing beats lying on the beach or next to the pool under the baking sun while getting lost in a good story. A holiday read is as essential an item as your sun cream for the beach, but what if you forgot to bring your book with you? Simply go to one of our takes on the best bookstores in Rio de Janeiro, which also make great rainy-day hangouts

Livraria Saraiva

Livraria Saraiva is a chain of book megastores that have great success throughout Brazil. Saraiva aims to provide a comprehensive collection of book genres in several languages, with all the latest releases in stock. Its short ceilings and tables dotted throughout the stores with books piled on make everything feel instantly accessible, and it’s the perfect spot to pop in, find the book you want and then head to the beach. There is also a coffee shop inside to enjoy a coffee while…

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