5 best Bookstores in Moscow

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Capital Nerd

russia-flag.jpgLets just focus on books…nothing else

Though reading on mobile devices has gained great popularity in the 21st century, the more traditional way of reading still has many adherents. One still wants to keep on educating and entertaining oneself. After all, what could be better than dropping into the bookshop to choose something new for the weekend? Perhaps a world-famous novel, an anthology, or even a collection of fashion shots or a recipe book; you never know what you might be in the mood for.
Fortunately, Moscow has a lot to offer the bibliophile. As the capital of one of the most literate countries in the world, Moscow has something like 1,000 bookshops in the center, as well as scattered throughout the suburbs. In this blog we will cover the top five best places to find literature in English, as well as some other European languages.

Moscow Book Store 8 New Arbat
1. Moscow Book Store…

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