Montolieu et salon du livre ancien

Lea contributes to the highlighting Bookstores series started by Megan (Capital Nerd Blog) – this one is in Montolieu de Livre (Village of Books), a small town north of Carcassonne, France 😎


... Salon du livre ancien

It is always a delight to spend the day in Montolieu. La village du livre is small with a population of less than one thousand. Yet, this beautiful village nestled in the  Montaigne Noir is home to twenty bookshops, a massive compound where paper-making, book-making and other related crafts are taught and celebrated. Naturally, being France, artists are to be found at nearly every corner. However, that is another post. Wandering from bookshop to bookshop is not without consequences. One finds that they end up making trips back to the car with each load of books that were just not able to pass up. There is always the museum of book and paper making and the old compound that still makes and teaches the arts of book and paper making. There are also workshops and classes available for writers which bring visitors from different countries. While…

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