17 Independent Irish Bookshops to visit

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IrelandFlagPicture2.jpgBOOK LOVERS WILL know how it feels to enter a brilliantly stocked, cosy bookshop and feel immediately at home.

These days, independent bookshops are rare. There’s not many of them left, so they should be treasured.

Here, in no particular order, are 17 of the best and most beautiful independent bookshops on the island of Ireland.

1) Charlie Byrne’s, Galway


Probably the daddy of all Irish bookshops, Charlie Byrne’s has been supplying the people of Galway City with their reading material since 1989. Claiming to stock over 100,000 books, you’re bound to find something good in here.

2) The Book Centre, Waterford


Formerly a cinema, this beautiful building in Waterford city is now home to a larger-than-life bookshop. Choose a tome and curl up with a hot drink in the store’s gorgeous coffee shop.

3) Vibes and Scribes, Cork


Owned by Joan Lucey, Vibes and Scribes is the…

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14 thoughts on “17 Independent Irish Bookshops to visit

  1. Ah, now the next time you find yourself in the south of France, you must visit the tiny village of Montolieu. Less than a thousand people yet over 22 bookstores and each owned independently… Yet there is much more to this magical village located 35km north of Carcassonne. 🙂

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  2. Delightful shops. There aren’t too many left here across the pond. We do have the big corp ones, however, they are not as cozy as the old book shops, too commercial. Now days almost everyone has a Kindle or other device to download from the internet. I admit it does save space, but, there is nothing like the feel and scent of a book you hold in your hand.Thank you for sharing. ☺☺

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