9 Luxurious Listed Loos  

Take a tour with a difference, of UK sights (and sites) 😀

Heritage Calling

(OK they might not be that luxurious…)

Our public facilities – toilets, bath-houses, drinking troughs – embody a proud civic heritage of social responsibility, as well as changing attitudes to public health and cleanliness.

Public toilets also tell a story of social change. The upheavals of the First World War saw the greater presence of lone female travellers, increasing demand for facilities for women. For their place in history and other reasons – even remarkable aesthetics – some historic lavatories are protected by listing.

Joe Flatman, Head of Listing Programmes at Historic England, takes us on a tour of some of the finest examples of public loos across the country:

  1. Public Conveniences, Nelson Street, Hull, Grade II listed

Hull, Nelson St PC, secondary hand sink Public conveniences, Nelson Street, Hull. © Historic England

The most recently listed loos are at Nelson Street in Hull, and date to 1926.  They are a remarkably complete survival of a facility built…

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