Leave a Question for Ichabod Brooks

Got questions about Ichabod Brooks?
Now’s your chance to ask them 😎

Legends of Windemere

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Two posts in one day?  This must mean something is coming down the pipeline, but what can it be.  Well, the title and picture might be a big clue, so I hope there are people willing to participate.

I like doing character interviews where people leave questions.  I know everything about them, so I don’t know what people would like to learn.  This makes any interviews I make up with my characters rather empty and dull.  Besides, I love having some interaction on this blog and that includes my characters getting in on the conversations.

So, please leave questions for Ichabod Brooks in the comments.  It could be about a specific adventure, his career, his family, advice, or certain friends.  A post will go up on Friday with the questions and answers.  Simple and fun.

Can’t wait for answers?  Buy THE LIFE & TIMES OF ICHABOD BROOKS!

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