The Armory of Ichabod Brooks

Legends of Windemere

Armory at Prague Castle

In The Life & Times of Ichabod Brooks, you get both a hint and a look at the armory he has at home.  This is found in his basement and readers will get a brief introduction in one story when he wanders down there.  All you really find out is that there’s a spot for dirty equipment and a vat designed to purify anything that was used to kill demons or other dark creatures.  Since I’m not introducing his wife and son yet, I can’t have him be at home very often.  This is where the hints come in and I realize now that this might be a little confusing because it’s subtle.

At least it appears to be subtle.  You see, Ichabod has different equipment in every adventure.  His longbows don’t always have the same enchantments and there are times when they’re normal, but…

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