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No Wasted Ink

no-wasted-ink-writers-links-logoMarketing is an important part of the author process.  Even if you are fortunate enough to be traditionally published, your publisher will still expect you to do basic marketing of your book.  If you are an Indy like myself, marketing is the make or break point of the success of your book.  This week, I have a couple of good articles about the marketing process in addition to general writing tips and a few fun ones about fountain pens and notebooks.  I hope you like them!

Meet the family that keeps ink pens relevant


7 Real-World Ways to Think Like an Artist for Better Content Marketing

4 Reasons You Should Outline Your Settings

Let’s Get Real—Authenticity in Fiction

7 Essential Productivity Habits of Successful Freelance Writers

Your 3-Step Plan for Outlining A Novel

How To Manage Your Time and Automate Your Author Marketing With…

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2 thoughts on “No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links

  1. I published through a traditional publishing company, my book just came out about 2 months ago. For a long time, I had always thought of being a writer as something entirely independent, but since I’ve written a book I have discovered that is entirely untrue. Even with my publisher’s help, my book’s success relies heavily on my marketing and sales skills. Whether you Indy publish or not, if you want a book to be successful, you have to be able to market it! Thank you for sharing those links – I think they are incredibly helpful! Happy writing! 🙂

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