What is the best way to write that book?

Hey PANTSERS – Jean has found SIX great articles for you 😀
See and access the links at the end of Jean’s original blog post 😀

Jean's Writing

Writing with an outline, by pantsing or somewhere between.

Where do you fall?

Everyone has an opinion, but there is no right or wrong solution, just the right one for you.

I spent most of this year studying various outlining styles, trying to find one that fits my style. What did I learn in the last six months?

What did I learn in the last six months about outlining?

  • There is a multitude of ways to outline.
  • An outline can be fluid.
  • You can choose to write without one.
  • Outlining can suck the life out of a story even before you start writing.
  • Or can be a road map to the end.
  • Scrivener is still a writer’s number one go to for outlining.
  • There is no right or wrong way.

I also learned…

  • I’m a panster. Stick with what you know is a good thing.
  • But I can outline a “little bit” as…

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3 thoughts on “What is the best way to write that book?

  1. Synchronicity in action. Definitely a pantser myself. Tried planning and outlining, but it just didn’t quite fit. Something about writing almost like being a reader is quite exciting as you never quite know what’s on the next page. Mind you, characters are really vocal in my head…get something wrong and hell to pay…speaking of which, it goes very quiet when my protagonist is about. Always reminds me of the red shirted folk in Star Trek…wear it, or stay vocal in my head and you’re doomed.

    Only job that validates schizophrenia like tendencies… Although I did not say that, I was dictating from another mind 🤔

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