Need to brush up your HTML?

See the link more clearly on Phillip’s original blog post 😀

Wind Eggs

Here’s a handy cheat sheet

Why would you need to know HTML 5, you might ask? I’m a writer. Others, like me, know how useful HTML and CSS are to customizing our WordPress templates or working around the many WordPress limitations. I’m always switching to the text window to enter code. My banner at the bottom of this page was added using code.

MTML Coding is a little less difficult with a handy cheat sheet. (Image courtesy of Inspirationfeed.)

I stumbled across this handy HTML5 cheat sheet and thought I’d share it. I was surprised at the number of useful tags I hadn’t picked up on yet. Even if you don’t use HTML yet, hang on to the bookmark. You never know when you’ll need it.

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3 thoughts on “Need to brush up your HTML?

  1. Thanks for the HTML cheat sheet. My WP app stopped working and no one from WP is responding. Has anyone had this issue? It keeps saying “no internet connection” yet I can log in directly to my two blogs through the web browser. Thanks for the help!

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