Deceased badgers, benches in memoriam & horses in pyjamas #narrowboat #England

Our intrepid mariner goes walkies 😳

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company, England.

I met an Australian chap the other day, he was in England for three months and intending to walk along the canals. He’ll get on better now that I’ve explained how much easier it is to walk along the towpath instead.

I walk along the towpath quite a lot. It’s not that I want to show off or anything, but someone has to keep these old skills alive, and it’s really not difficult. Let’s face it, in the rich panoply of life-skills, those required for walking are really quite pedestrian.

To begin with I make sure that my feet are downmost in the gravity-well and my head as far in the opposite direction as it will go, then I put one size 11 boot roughly in front of the other and engage “stagger mode”. Lots of people are amazed to see the “the walking” being done in real life, having…

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One thought on “Deceased badgers, benches in memoriam & horses in pyjamas #narrowboat #England

  1. Many thanks, sir, the reblog tis much appreciated! The canals may be largely hidden from the rest of the world, but they certainly are varied and full of surprises!



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