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Lisa Burton Radio exists to help authors promote their books to a new audience. This spot has worked well for over a year now, but we need guests to keep it going. Here is a little data about how it works, and some past posts to browse to see what you’re getting into.

Tell your friends, maybe one of them needs a place to post.

Drop me a line at coldhand (dot) boyack (at) gmail (dot) com. Let Lisa promote your books for you.

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5 thoughts on “Help a robot girl out

  1. Hi Chris- I am a long time fan of Lisa Burton and have shared Craig’s original post on Social Media- thanks for promoting it too here. I wouldn’t be surprised if authors are queuing up to be interviewed by the robotic chat show hostess with the mostest – mostest wit, mostest sharp line in questions and mostest glittering guest list!

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  2. Dear Lisa Burton Radio:

    As someone who also has hosted a show that features conversations with authors, I understand your wanting to bring attention to your show. However, I (and, I’m sure, many others who won’t let you know) find your promo picture and tag-line wording to be misogynistic and offensive.

    Please reconsider what “brand” you are attempting to create/utilize and which types of authors (and listeners/readers) you want to attract. You have totally turned me off, for example.

    —Females over 17 years old are not “girls” since 1972.
    —photos, cartoons,or other depictions of women wearing almost nothing are not promoting anything but body parts and something objectifying about sex.

    Please change this.

    Life-long feminist, author, activist and female.

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