NEW RELEASE – ‘Letters from an American Soldier’ by, Malia Ann Habermann…

A True Love Story Told Through Real Letters

Sometimes real life is so much better than fiction.

When my dad was a soldier training and then fighting overseas in the Korean War, he wrote a bunch of AMAZING love letters to my mom.

They are SO awesome, I decided to turn them into a book and publish them for everyone to read and enjoy.

These letters are filled with the raw emotions of a soldier who was truly, madly, deeply in love with a beautiful girl.

They’ll make you believe true love really does exist.

Right now the ebook is on sale for only .99cents

They’re the perfect summer read

So put on some mood music, pour yourself a tall drink, and then slip into the mind, heart, and soul of an American soldier.


USA  –  UK  –  CA  –  AUS  –  IN


11 thoughts on “NEW RELEASE – ‘Letters from an American Soldier’ by, Malia Ann Habermann…

  1. Letters home from Civil War solders are so very moving and many brought tears to my eyes. So accepting of their probable death, their courage, their love and dedication to their particular cause. I founds the words and sentence structure of their writing very impressing and sophisticated. Letters to parents and loved ones from Japanese kamikaze pilots of WW II are also very moving and insightful to the often not present humanity of our enemies. .

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