Book Promo – Read NEW RELEASE ‘Heir of Vengeance’ for 99c until end of June…

Heir of Vengeance is the 4th and final instalment in my current series and I am both excited and a little apprehensive to be finishing it off. I could have kept going, but I found the perfect place to at least take a break and I am looking forward to some new book ideas manifesting in the coming year.

The Covenant of Grace Series started out as just one book, exploring the life of King David but it quickly became obvious that there was way too much material amongst the rather turbulent stories of this era of the Old Testament for just one book.

The whole series evolved from me wanting to explore the diversity of world faiths and a strong desire to use fantasy to delve into ancient historical spiritual times, but it didn’t take long for me to find so many other cultural parallels between the times of David and now. From genocide to women’s rights, the Old Testament stories have it all and I thoroughly enjoyed weaving relevant and topical life into every book in this series.

This is what a few of my ARC readers are saying about Heir of Vengeance:

I just finished Heir of Vengeance. I was absolutely enthralled. I believe it is the best one yet.’ Debra Foster

Just finished your book Heir of Vengeance, wow absolutely amazing.’ Claire Simpson.

As this is the 4th book, it doesn’t have as much back story as earlier books and focusses on characters who have been introduced throughout the series, so I highly recommend you check out the boxed set available on Amazon at only $3.99 until the end of June.

Heir of Vengeance Blurb:

Egypt is rising, as the House of David is beginning to crumble. 

A promised betrothal threatens to drive a wedge between David and those closest to him, but that isn’t the real issue. Jezebel can feel her powers returning and when she disappears, General Martinez fears the worst.

The Palace is rife with politics and when the plotting is revealed, death will follow….


Heir of Vengeance is only 99 cents for a limited time. Buy it online at Amazon or all other digital retailers including Kobo, ibooks & Book Nook HERE

To celebrate the release of book 4, I am running a competition, so why not enter for your chance to win all 4 e-books in the Covenant of Grace Series.

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