Alys In Hunger-Land

Stevie Turner, Indie Author.

I’ve often read that as authors it’s good to sometimes write outside of our comfort zone.  I must admit that I do prefer to base plots around middle-aged protagonists carrying emotional baggage or going through some sort of crisis.  I find a mid-life crisis more interesting to write about rather than younger people who are yet to experience life’s ups and downs and tend to be more self-absorbed in their quest for a career and/or partner.

Even before I had begun writing my debut novel in 2013 I had started a short story based on an overweight 18 year old, Alys Linford, who spends most of her life sitting with her equally large mother Jackiey on the sofa watching daytime TV.  Alys wants to be slim and have a life outside of their dingy council flat,  and after one particular over-indulgent Christmas she gets the motivation to try and shed half her body weight.  Jackiey has no such inclination to lose the pounds, and therefore Alys…

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