Arctic Volunteering to Help the Environment

In case anyone fancies doing something a little different 😎

When Women Inspire

If you’re the type of person who revels in being unconventional and you don’t want to go on a stereotypical summer vacation, you could satisfy your wild side by voyaging to the Arctic. The Arctic Circle is incredibly large and includes five countries, those being Canada, Alaska (America), Sweden, Finland, and Russia. This polar environment is full of opportunities that constitute an interesting and very challenging break from the monotony of normal life and provides you a chance to learn new skills.

Husky dogs and volunteering opportunities Siberian Husky Sable. A glorious dog! Original photo taken by Flickr user Sue and Marty. Edited by User:Pharaoh Hound, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons.

Husky farm

White, gray and black patterns adorn the husky dog, and at the volunteer husky farm at the Arctic exploration center in Finnish Lapland, you’ll find puppies that need training and love. There are a variety of tasks all throughout…

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