I protest #InternationalChildrensDay

YOU CAN make a difference by helping, when, where and however you can.
Why not start by going to Sue’s original blog post and reblogging / sharing her post on your media.
If it spreads far and wide enough, it might reach those in authority who can influence the necessary changes and improvements that will stop children suffering any further.

Give Politicians this message:

Give children what they need
Stop feeding your own greed

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I protest.

I protest against the poverty and hunger in which so many children are forced to live by failing societies where greed is an economic norm. In the UK, alone, one in four children officially live in poverty… yet it is relative poverty. In many countries, poverty is the norm and means utter deprivation of even the most basic necessities. Every ten seconds, a child dies from hunger and its consequences. Almost nine hundred children die every day because they have no access to clean water.

I protest against the denial of medical care to any child. Every year, over 13 million children less than 5 years die from illnesses which could have been avoided or treated.

I protest against eager minds denied education in a world where so many have access to so much. Over a hundred million children, the adults of our own future, are growing…

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4 thoughts on “I protest #InternationalChildrensDay

  1. Thank you . Let’s be the best humans we can be. Let none among us do without the basic needs and services while our government spends money on a military equipment the armed forces don’t want and can’t use. Lets let every politician from local, state, and federal level know it has come time to put the needs of the people first. It is not hard to fix the ills of the country, but it requires the spine to stand up to unrestrained greed. Think of the Norquist pledge to never raise taxes ever no matter what . That is stupid and self defeating. That is the haves pissing on the have nots and claiming it is a needed warm rain. We need to change in this country while we still have a country. Look at the most prosperous countries with the longest life spans and they happiest people and they are ones that provide for the people and restrain devastating greed. Then look at the countries that have no regulations preventing the the wealthiest people and the corporations from doing what they want to the people and environment while moving as much money and services from the population to the oligarchs. Compare them. See which countries prosper and gain, and which ones the people fall and lose. Hugs

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