How To Spot The Holiday Bookworm #MondayBlogs #HolidayReads #Bookworm


If you are going on holiday this post will come in useful, as it will help you to spot the holiday bookworm inyour party.

Ideally you want to be identifying holiday bookworms before you travel so that you can plan ahead for the quiet spells…whilst they are busy being a holiday bookworm and you are feeling like you no longer exist, because they haven’t spoken a single word to you for hours.

Here are the signs of a holiday bookworm:

Pre holiday:

  1. They start talking about their holiday reading list MONTHS in advance.
  2. They are not showing any interest in your pre-prepared list of ‘quirky places to visit whilst on holiday.’
  3. They are getting through a lot of books prior to the holiday. It’s like they are gearing up for some sort of reading marathon event.
  4. The day before your holiday they start reading book 1 of…

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