Write on Brighton Beach again – another course starts next Tuesday



Here are the details from a bijou art gallery a pebble’s throw from the sea.

Swimming in Words invites you to join a 5 week writing course with acclaimed London-Irish novelist, Bridget Whelan, author of the best-selling Back to Creative Writing School.

What bestselling authors say about the book:

“The creative writing bible” C.S.Quinn, bestselling historical novelist and author of Thief Taker

‘Inspiring, insightful and fun…’ Sarah Rayner, author of One Moment, One Morning officially one of the 21st century’s bestselling books.

“ Full of inspiring, stimulating exercises that will turn your writers’ block into writers’ flood – as your ideas pour onto the page!” Kate Harrison, author of 16 fiction and non-fiction books including The 5:2 Diet

Bridget is also a prize-winning short story writer and her new course is suitable for beginners and emerging writers with some experience. With both a Masters in Creative Writing and a…

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