Differences between Bees and Wasps – Infographic…

Click on the image to see the video showing

a honey bee along side a group of wasps,

it illustrates some of the latter’s eating habits

(warning the video is a little graphic)

Infograph Source: BeeKeepingIsGood.ca

12 thoughts on “Differences between Bees and Wasps – Infographic…

  1. I am extremely allergic to bees and wasps. Bees I can work around as most are not aggressive unless you mess with them. Wasps are a different story. They will attack for seemingly little or no reason.

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  2. Wasps certainly DO enjoy meat… One flew up my sundress at a church picnic one year and took 3 chomps out of my rump before we got rid of it. Hurt like hell, worse than the embarrassment of hiking up my dress and trying to dig the little invader out of my undies in front of the Ministers, fellow congregates and God! A bee would have stung once and been done with it.

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