Saturday Sale – May 6th

Stevie Turner, Indie Author.

My romantic suspense/thriller ‘A House Without Windows’ is FREE today and tomorrow.  A tale of how love overcomes the most horrific obstacles, it won a New Apple Book Award in 2014 and a Readers Favorite Gold Award in 2015.

Stevie House

Dr Beth Nichols thinks she has been held captive by Edwin Evans for about 8 or 9 years now. Amidst her grief she often looks back and thinks about her fiancée Liam.  She lays awake at night staring at the one light bulb that is never switched off, and prays that he is still out there somewhere searching for her……..

5 star review from Bang2Write:

“Topical given the high profile cases of women kidnapped and kept in homestead dungeons in recent years (and sometimes even forced to raise families with their tormentors), A HOUSE WITHOUT WINDOWS is an empathetic and heartfelt character study. It would have been easy to stay *just* within the…

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